Kate Middleton Not Pregnant: Rumor Delays Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Plans?

An official announcement has been released declaring Kate Middleton not pregnant as rumors of her being with child is making the news. Her sister, Pippa Middleton is about to have a wedding and is worrying over the rumor.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, also known as simply Kate Middleton has been in the middle of a rumor mill when somehow a report got out that she was four months pregnant with her and Prince William’s third child. The new issue of Star even had the duchess on its front cover donning a shot that can easily mistake her for being pregnant along with the captions that say “It’s a girl!” and that Kate is naming the new baby, Diana. The publication claims that a so-called source from the royal family revealed that Kate and Prince William are actively trying to have another child and that there are telltale signs that she is indeed already pregnant.

But the rumor was slammed immediately as soon as it got out when the Palace released an official announcement through Life and Style that Kate was not pregnant at all. The Star tabloid publication has also admitted that the story about Kate being pregnant was all based on speculations and signs. This story has rattled not only the royal couple but Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton as well.

While Kate and William are busy trying to disprove the pregnancy rumors, another story is going around that English socialite Pippa is delaying her marriage to James Mathew because of the rumor about Kate being pregnant. Despite telling the world that Kate Middleton is not pregnant, her sister is convinced that the rumors are true especially when Star is known to have revealed the Duchess’s pregnancies back in July 2013 and September 2015.

Pippa has supposedly taken the initiative to postpone her wedding despite news declaring Kate Middleton not pregnant. Sources say Pippa did not want the limelight being on her sister’s baby bump, even if it was just mere hearsay, instead of her wedding. They claim that the rumor is creating a strain on the relationship between the sisters as Pippa demands the undivided attention towards her upcoming marriage.

Despite the rumors, Kate and William are definitely not pregnant and are busy attending to their duties as members of the British Royal Family. The royal couple is currently engaged in charity works all over the world as they try to divert the attention from the Brexit fiasco.

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