Is Global Warming A Hoax? Extreme Cold Winters Predicted

Climate change continues to affect the Earth. This climate change is said to be due to global warming. But extreme cold winters are predicted, making scientists ask: is global warming a hoax? Scientists and environmentalists set out to know the answer.

Extreme cold winters are said to be coming, and scientists are agreeing that this is due to climate change. Climate change is affecting the Arctic, as the area experiences warmth. Research into it is being done by a group of scientists. Foremost of this is from the University of Sheffield.

The extreme winters that are happening are due to the jet stream being affected. As the Arctic begins to warm, the jet stream's effects intensify. Two groups are trying to explain this. One group states that the jet stream's position is causing severe winters in the United States. Another group is trying to tie this jet stream effect to the Arctic getting warm, according to Science Daily.

Through the efforts of Professor Edward Hanna and Dr. Richard Hall, the two groups have come together to an agreement. Professor Hanna and Dr. Hall are from the University of Sheffield Department of Oceanography. They are working with Professor James Overland from the US Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in bringing the two sides together.

The two sides have agreed that the cold winters are due to the jet stream's changing pattern. Additionally, it has been agreed that this change in the jet stream is due to the Arctic getting warm due to climate change, Phys Org reports.

The jet streams have been having a wavy pattern, which is being amplified by climate change. A wavy pattern in the jet stream results into a much colder winter for countries in the mid-latitude. When the jet stream is less wavy though, the same countries can experience a much more normal winter. Right now the jet stream had a wavy pattern for one to two decades, Professor Hanna explained.

With the study, extreme cold winters are predicted and expected. Scientists have wondered, is global warming a hoax? The study has shown so far that global warming is the cause for the extreme cold winters, as the Arctic begins to warm. And it is not just the Arctic that's warming, as a study also shows that the glaciers in Western Antarctica are retreating as well due to this climate change.

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