Pokemon Sun and Moon Mysterious Old Man Gets Creepier Everyday

Recently, Pokemon fans have been obsessing about the mysterious old man found in the demo game of Pokemon Sun and Moon. His appearance and his purpose in the game is still a mystery. Even the name he introduced himself - mysterious old man - is also a mystery. It gets creepier and creepier when you decide to visit him every day.

The mysterious old man is a non-playable character or NPC in the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo game, who made an appearance at the edge of the Mahalo Trail. You will meet him hiding behind a mysterious totem pole. You can access the place by using the Ride Pokemon and pass through a bunch of rocks, an action you have to repeat every day if you want to go back and meet him.

As he hides behind that creepy looking totem, you will hear him spout some nonsense saying, "Can't resist the siren song of my shiny head" which makes you think whether he is up to something. But as you get to know him, you'll begin to wonder whether he is talking to you at all when he was saying that line or he is talking to himself like some sort of a nut case. You know those old men wandering around homeless and talking to themselves to forget all the cares in the world, except that this mysterious guy looks clean despite lacking in style.

When you return to the demo game every day, you will find various changes in the interaction of some characters as well as new items to acquire. When you go back to the mysterious old man, however, he has different dialogue lines as well. One time he will insist that he has nothing for you, which is true. He even notices how many times you cam back to meet him. The creepy part is, he would always have the same 'song in his head' aside from the new dialogue.

Makes you wonder if there's something really going on in that song. What does that siren song have to do? Perhaps, it might be revealed when the full version of the game becomes available. Then, Pokemon Sun and Moon will finally unveil the mystery of the mysterious old man.

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