Surface Book i7 2016 Specs: Microsoft Laptop Upgraded With Thirty Percent More Battery Life

Microsoft is already done holding their most anticipated October 2016 event and it quite went as expected. Rumors from the previous weeks suggested that the company won't be releasing the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 and this actually were true. It was also said that instead of releasing the next-gen Surface devices, Microsoft will just be upgrading the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, and this actually ended up half-true. As it turned out, only the Surface Book got an upgrade.

Surface Book i7 2016, An Upgraded Surface Laptop

As per Microsoft's recent show-off, the Surface Book i7 is an upgraded version of last year's Surface Book. The company claims that the Surface Book i7 can last up to 16 hours of usage, indicating the improvement in power over its 2015 predecessor. Overall, the new model of Microsoft's laptop offers a performance that's two times better and battery life that's thirty percent longer than the original release.

Surface Book i7 2016, Release Date And Price

As per Mirror UK's report, the Surface Book i7 will be made available in November. However, excited buyers can now pre-order it at a starting price of $2399, CNET reports. The Surface Book i7 is available for pre-order together with Microsoft's newest Surface addition, the Surface Studio. The Surface Studio is the recently rumored Surface PC that is pretty much an all-in-one desktop that offers a giant touchscreen that is Surface Pen and Surface Dial integrated. You can get it at a price of $2999.

Microsoft's Upcoming Releases

With the absence of the anticipated Surface Pro and Surface Phone, it's safe to say that these devices are indeed coming next spring. The Microsoft event revealed that a new Windows 10 version will be realeased next spring and this could suggest that there'll be new Surface devices to be unveiled with it. Needless to say, Microsoft hasn't really confirmed anything about new Surfaces yet. The only products confirmed by the company are Windows-based VRs coming from third party partners of Microsoft.

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