The Future Is Here: Lakers Defeat Harden And The Rockets; 'The Black Mamba' Kobe Bryant Mentors LA Lakers Young Guns

The "Black Mamba" era has ended and the young bloods of Los Angeles Lakers are more than ready to take the spotlight. Last night, they demonstrated their new style of play.

Kobe Bryant - Still The Face Of Lakers

For almost two decades, the surefire Hall Of Famer, Kobe Bryant carried the historic franchise of LA Lakers. The culmination of him being the face of the Lakers is when the big diesel, Shaquille O'neal asked to be traded to Miami in exchange of Caron Butler, Lamar Odom, Brian Grant and first round future drop picks.

During his stint as the face or franchise player of Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe posted historic numbers. He led almost all of the categories in LA Lakers history. He won the NBA Season MVP, multiple first team selections, numerous first team all defense and added two more championships to the Western Conference powerhouse.

The Black Mamba: Kobe Bryant Ended His Career With A Bang - A "W" And 60 Points To Beat

The last four years of the Black Mamba was never the same. He was almost out for two seasons because of multiple injuries. The achilles injury hurts him the most as he stated. He left the game with 34 points but after the game, Kobe was pissed off. He was pissed off due to his injury that could end his career. Ultimately, the injury scare turned out to be positive and team doctors advised Kobe to have an immediate surgery.

Kobe Bryant played his last game last season. He ended the career with a W and dropping 60 points. The old mamba was feeling like the young mamba during his last game. Notable players were in attendance such as former NBA players and actors. Shaquille O'neal even commented on Mamba's last game stating "I told him to get 50, and the motherf***** got 60".

Young Guns Of LA Lakers Under Mentorship Of Kobe Bryant

Kobe left the game already but he was able to teach the young guns of LA Lakers on how to play the game. Last night was the opening NBA season game for LA and they've showed us that they are more than ready to compete with any team.

The team was led by D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, Luol Deng and the number two draft pic of this year, Brandon Ingram. Lakers also added journeyman Thomas Robinson and Veteran Champion in Timofey Mozgov. With Luke Walton's guidance, they were able to defeat James Harden and his Houston Rockets Team.

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