Pokemon Go Video Features Legendary Pokemon, Team Rocket Members, Guns, Explosives, And More

Intense Pokemon GO REAL LIFE BATTLE! (Wild MEW appeared!)
Intense Pokemon GO REAL LIFE BATTLE! (Wild MEW appeared!) Photo : RATE VFX

It's always fun to think of games features beyond anyone else's imagination. Even I have thought of one and it was a long time ago while I was playing Brood Wars. I said to myself, 'Why not make this game an RPG, like a Marine versus A Zergling one on one or buying some Cloak gadget from that guy who drives the Science Vessel, that would be awesome to do.' Then years later, the idea got realized in some parts of the world, without us interacting. Though the RPG realized wasn't Starcraft, I still got close enough since it was World of Warcraft, obviously the idea was taken from its RTS, Warcraft.

Now what I'm trying to say is that everyone can have wild imaginations and then someone else at any point of the earth, has one just like yours. I would not elaborate further as you can refer to this blog from 2011 explaining how your idea might have been already thought of by someone else.

Now, the fun part, I saw this post on YouTube by an imaginative guy under pseudo name: RATE VFX kudos for the output by the way. The video starts out as one regular Pokemon Go day with some dude about to catch a Pikachu. An alert from his phone notifies that there is a wild Mew on his area. As he picks up his binoculars to look for the legendary, a wild Team Rocket member (who wears all black and a bandana covering his mouth and the giveaway Team Rocket indicator - I assume it's a guy) popped out in the scene running towards the spotted Pokemon. You may check out his video at the bottom of this article.

Now here comes the fun twist, our protagonist - wearing Pokemon Trainer clothes by the way, went for his bag to reach for his Glock (yes, the gun), open fired on the Team Rocket member and shot him dead. Then the intro title of 'The Battle of Pokemon Go' pops out. Our trainer then rushed towards the dead body to loot for extra batteries and Pokeballs, how sick is that?!

Moments later, another Team Rocket member comes running towards Mew. This time our guy took out a sniper rifle, and rinsing and repeating the process of killing a Team Rocket member and looting him. By this point, Jessie and James should be very angry, as more of their members come popping out and ending up dead taking ammo from various weapons like a rocket launcher, tactical assault rifle, grenade, and all sorts of nasty violent stuff that we love. There's even this scene were Pikachu was released from a Pokeball and scenes on what happens on the inside were even shown in detail.

During the last parts of the conflict, Team Rocket members retaliated with their own sets of Pokemon. Even a Pokemon Boss Giovanni made a cameo swooping in the scene on a fighter plane loaded with Pokeballs on the tip of actual rockets. Even the Pokemon were used as weapons. Now this is total war and one legendary Pokemon is the prize! The battle ended with our guy ultimately catching Mew. As the video ends, a scene inside Mew's PokeBall reveals that it was just Ditto doing its shapeshifting ability. I hope Niantic gets this idea and do something awesome about it.

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