Mafia 3 Guide To The Best Mods And How To Install Them

Illusion Softworks has managed to bring in a total of 23 mods for Mafia 3. This makes no fan to wonder why the game is at its best. Some of the good new mods include the ability to teleport between districts, no rear view mirror or speedometer only, and bullet time. Here's a quick rundown to these mod scenes in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 Mod #1: Bullet Time

Bullet Time mod version 1 works by pressing the "B" key to effect slow motion. To use it, press "B" to change motion speed to 1/2 time; double press "B" to change motion speed to 1/4 time. Third, press on this key will bring you to normal. To get the Bullet Time mod, install Mafia3ScriptHook > copy into your Mafia 3's scripts folder > start Mafia3 and Mafia3ScriptHook > press F1 to refresh lua script mods.

Mafia 3 Mod #2: Teleport Between Districts

Teleporting in between districts is one of the best abilities in Mafia 3. To teleport to different districts, you need to familiarize key shortcuts: n=Southdowns, m=Bayou fantom, 0=River Row, 3=Frisco Fields, 4=Pointe Verdun, 5=Tickfaw Harbor, 6=French Ward, 7=Downtown, 8=Barclay Mills, 9=Delray Hollow. To use this, simply download DistrictJump.lua > extract it > move extracted version to Mafia3's scripts folder.

Mafia 3 Mod #3: No Rear View Mirror, Speedometer Only

As many would agree, rear view mirror's usability is in question. Driving with speedometer only is way simpler and better than having the rear view mirror that's awfully disturbing. Not to mention, removing your rear view mirror exudes a 60s vibe on your car. To disable the rear view mirror, install the Mafia3ScriptHook > copy one of the .lua files and paste it in Mafias'3 scripts folder > press F1 to refresh.

Mafia 3 is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.


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