New Monster Hunter Coming In March Next Year

There's some good news and bad news for all Monster Hunter fans. The good news is there's a new Monster Hunter to be released next year. The bad news is it will be released in Japan only.

The news was revealed by a Japan-only Nintendo Direct who said that a new Monster Hunter is coming in March. The new game is supposedly called Monster Hunter XX, which is a follow-up for the Monster Hunter X game. The title is in line with Nintendo tradition to release an Ultimate or G version of the game before a full sequel is finished.

According to reports, the new game will feature new monsters, two hunter styles, and an all-new area. As for the release date, strong speculations are pointing to a March 18 release which coincides with the Nintendo Switch market release.

The rumors spark questions whether the game is going against what Nintendo announced earlier that it will not make any further reveals regarding the games that will be included nor the detailed specs of the Switch.

Speculations aside, the announcement also said that Monster XX will receive a G-rank in its difficulty level as well as an Airship-based hub village. Barroth and Barrioth will headline some returning monsters while the new monsters belong to the Deviant class.The new hunter styles include one that uses barrel bombs while the other one shows a very aggressive style.

Those who have Monster Hunter X and Monster Hunter Stories will be able to import thir saved data into the new game. There are still no confirmation whether Monster Hunter XX will soon be released in Europe and North America. Fans are hoping that Capcom will have plans to release the said game in the west as the last Monster Hunter had an awesome gameplay and amazing boss fights.

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