'Wentworth' Season 5 News And Updates: Liam Hemsworth To Appear In The Series? Cancellation Rumors Not True?

"Wentworth" Season 5 has been bombarded with cancellation rumors recently. However, new reports claim that the said speculations are not true. In fact, a new character might be joining the gang for a guest appearance. Check out the details below.

Recently, reports have surfaced online that the "Hunger Games" star Liam Hemsworth expressed his interest in making an appearance in "Wentworth" Season 5. The actor is said to be a big fan of the show and is considering to guest in at least two episodes in the upcoming installment. The same source also added that the Australian actor is keen to find ways to help other talents break out in the entertainment industry particularly in the U.S.

Apparently, the producers of the show seem optimistic about the idea of Liam Hemsworth's appearance on the show especially since ratings might be greatly affected following Bea Smith's death. In case Liam Hemsworth's appearance comes to fruition, it would definitely help increase or at least maintain stable ratings.

However, there has been no official confirmation regarding Liam Hemsworth's guest appearance. The role he will be playing, in case it pushes through, also remains unknown. Reports claim that negotiations between the actor and "Wentworth" producers have just begun, thus no further details can be disclosed yet. Will Liam Hemsworth make a good addition to the cast of "Wentworth" Season 5?

Meanwhile, in a recent report here in iTech Post, it has been confirmed that Danielle Cormack's character, Bea Smith, has been killed off in the series. The sudden exit of Bea in the series fuelled cancellation rumors even more. "Wentworth" producer Jo Porter shared her sentiments about Bea's departure in the show.

"It is always an incredibly difficult decision to say farewell to a much-loved and revered character like Bea Smith. Which is why this storyline has had such a huge impact on us all and we are sure fans will feel the same. This decision was particularly hard as it meant also saying goodbye to Danielle Cormack," Jo Porter said.

To date, there has been no official announcement about the fifth installment's release date. For now, fans can only hope that "Wentworth" Season 5 will see the light of day soon.

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