Flying Water Taxi Paris: Sea Bubble To Have Uber-Like App For Booking

An invention straight out of science fiction is to awe Parisians next year as a new transportation system is going to be introduced: a flying water taxi. Paris is to incorporate in its city an egg-shaped river shuttle made by Alain Thébault, a French yachtsman, and Swedish windsurfer Anders Bringdal. The two chose the city as the place to test the futuristic vehicle as Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo helped the inventors in pursuing the project as part of her battle in battling pollution.

Futuristic River Shuttle Able To Float Two Feet Above The Water's Surface

What really makes the invention set apart from previous transport system is that it can fly, though not by much. It's able to do this because of the light materials used in its creation. Most of its components are fiberglass and high-density foam, with foils affixed to the hulls to reduce the drag allowing the futuristic craft to "float" two feet above the water's surface.

It will also run on solar energy, can reach speed up to 30-kilometers per hour, and can seat five people in a single journey. The Frenchman innovator wrote on his website that he's been working on this project for 25 years. He also said that it was his daughters that gave him the inspiration in starting out this floating cab, dubbed as the Sea Bubble.

"The idea actually came from my daughters after I sailed from LA to Hawaii recently," Thébault said. "They told me to invent a zero-emission cab because they were sick of seeing the pollution in Paris, London, and in the US." And now, that idea is nearing fruition.

The Frenchman is also hoping that the water cab will also be hailed similar to what the Uber app does, the Telegraph reported. If the project goes swimmingly and gets the thumb up, Thébault estimates that the fare will be €10 ($10.91) per passage on the flying water taxi. Paris officials are thrilled at the new transportation particularly because it's environmentally-friendly, which will help in reducing carbon emissions of the city.

Flying Water Taxi: Paris Not The Only City Interested In The Floating Cab

Aside from the public demonstration next spring, Thébault is planning in showcasing the prototype at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas in January. The mentioned demonstration will be held on the iconic River Seine just in front of the National Assembly where passage is set for the flying water taxi. Paris isn't the only city interested in the Sea Bubble as reports are coming in that there are other state officials in the United States who has turned their heads toward the project.

Apparently, dignitaries in New York city are quite taken at the idea of having hundreds of the floating cabs ferrying passengers through the Hudson River. Thébault also revealed that Florida is planning on purchasing 1,500 of the vessels though this isn't set in stone yet as the prototype needs to be completed first. If successful, the Sea Bubble is expected to hit London and Geneva with other regions following suit depending on talks between Thébault and certain officials, The Local reported.

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