Minecraft Goes To Apple TV; Here's How To Play

Mojang just released Minecraft recently and several players were very much enthusiastic with the new mode of the much-loved game. Apple just announced that it will be available on Apple TV for a whole new gaming experience.

Minecraft Is Coming To Apple TV, How To Play

Apple CEO Tim Cook just announced that users can build worlds on their Apple TV and he was referring to Minecraft's availability on the tech giant's TV. The tech giant is hoping that this step will encourage people trying its latest project, according to a report on IGN.

Apple TV is the latest project of Apple and what better way to endorse it than stating its future project such as Minecraft as part of what apps will be available on the television. The players can access the game through their iPad or iPhone and connect it to the television. The game for Apple TV is expected to be released at a later date, in a report on Polygon.

According to Business Insider, the player needs to have a separate tablet or phone to play Minecraft to have a worthwhile time playing the game. The remote control of Apple TV can act as the joystick, but the game requires more capabilities than what the remote offers.

Minecraft Helps Players Enhance Their Creativity

Young students are expected to be creative and with the help of Minecraft, the kids can be creative and productive when engaged in the game. It is not considered as an addiction if used wisely but it can be a tool for unlocking artistic skills to the young ones, according to Mac World.

Minecraft Edu was launched last 2011 and it aims to educate the young players in creating and building their own worlds. Of course, Minecraft cannot replace the traditional way of studying but it acts as another support in learning new things related to Science, History, Math and Art.

Minecraft is truly an exceptional game. With the help of many companies such as Apple, players especially the kids and the students will enjoy and will learn more from the game. 

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