Forza Horizon 3 Car Pack DLC Update: New Vehicles To Expect In Your Garage By November

Following the announcement of Playground Games that Forza Horizon 3 will be getting a new Car Pack DLC next month, there has been a heated debate going around in various forums and community groups as to which "car" is joining the garage additions. Here's a quick rundown to vehicles you can expect from the game's forthcoming update.

Forza Horizon 3 - Race Truck

When the news came out that the next vehicle to join ranks of Forza Horizon 3's garage is a killer one, the strongest contender is a Race Truck kind. According to some speculations, a ridiculously massive KAMAZ 6560 cargo truck might be making an appearance soon. This Russian model started to enter the race department in 1988 long after it served the Soviet government as cargo and security armored vehicles. Other challenger is the 1969 MAN 520 HN by Manas, its first product line. Like the KAMAZ 6560 cargo truck, this Turkish-made vehicle is a huge one. A three-wheeler truck is also a good challenger but there was no specific details available about the vehicle.

Forza Horizon 3 - Motorbikes

In the past weeks, Motorbikes have been reported coming along with the upcoming DLC. As to which models, that remains the question for now as there have been no other details surfacing. Even so, motorbikes seem cumbersome for Playground Games to bring in because it means too much work have to be done yet with the animation of the characters. Overall, if a motorbike is true then it should fulfill the diversity of options Forza Horizon 3 needs all these years.

No More Free Car?

On other news, it has been rumored that there will no longer be free cars each month along with the Car Pack DLCs. A Reddit post by self.forza speculated that Forza Horizon 3 might not include free cars in the future as noticed on the game's first Car Pack. Playground Games still has to release a statement regarding the issue.

Forza Horizon 3 is now available on Xbox One and Windows PC.


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