Apple Watch Review: New Apple Watch Nike+ Perfect For Sports Enthusiasts

By Edge Ison , Oct 29, 2016 04:33 AM EDT

The new Apple Watch Nike+ is now available and is seen as the perfect companion of sports enthusiasts particularly runners.

The Series 2 watch has a brighter display on the screen as compared to the Series 1 version. The new Apple Watch Nike+ is also water resistant up to 50 meters. It now has a water lock to prevent false taps on the screen when the owner is swimming or washing dishes.

The watch provides regular weather updates, updated routing maps, enhancements for monitoring the heath, and messaging. The watch also aids in proper breathing through exercises similar to what yogis do while meditating.

The hi-tech watch comes in two variations - the 38mm and 42mm wide models. The former costs $369 while the latter is priced at $399 per piece.

As for the design, the new Apple Watch is described by Tech Crunch as loud. Bloomberg, however, commends its minimal design.

The head of the Digital Sport Division of Nike, Stefan Olander, explained that they wanted a watch that would not prove to be a distraction to its user. He cited that "the other devices that are out there are pretty techy and geeky" and that they wanted to "keep it clean, elegant and also let it be a delight to use."

Olander further said that they "were looking at the aspiring runner and thinking about how can we design something that looked like an invitation to run."

The watch has a band with perforations that come in two variants. One is pure black while the other has a neon band. The face displays slogans, particularly the now famous "Are we running today?", that entice the wearer to run.

The Apple Watch Nike+ was first introduced in September.

Fortune explains that Apple and Nike first collaborated back in 2006. The two giant companies partnered to create the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. This wireless device allowed runners to connect and listen to their iPod with parts embedded in the shoes. After creating their own line of wearables such as the FuelBand, Nike is again partnering with Apple.

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