Rihanna And Chris Brown Getting Back To Each Other's Arms Again After Break-Up With Drake

Chris Brown and Rihanna were one of the most controversial couples and even up until now that they lead separate lives. They underwent series of good and bad times when they were romantically connected with each other; but Brown seems like putting back the broken pieces again, as he pursues Rihanna the second time around.

Chris Brown Knew Rihanna Is His To Keep

According to Inquisitr, Chris Brown allegedly believe that Rihanna and Drake's relationship will never come a long way. Since then, news spread that Chris Brown was the only reason why the 'Umbrella' singer is not able to have a long-lasting relationship. This includes her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio and Travis Scott.

Some told that Brown felt like he is still on the mind of Rihanna. As some source said:

"And at the end of the day, Chris knows he's still on Ri's mind. And he still loves her dearly. Chris doesn't believe for a second that romance and intimate relationship with Rihanna is over for good. It's just a matter of time."

It was also believed that Chris Brown knew from the very first time that Rihanna and Drake is never serious with each other. With all the marriage rumors that are revolving around the two, Chris Brown was never tricked by it. However, some of the people closest to the rapper admitted that Chris is in pain during the peak of Rihanna and Drake's relationship. They told:

"Yeah, right. Chris ain't buying that for a minute. He doesn't believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece. Chris loves Rihanna and he'd be deeply hurt and go out of his mind if she even considered being off the market in this way. Drake's just a pinch hitter until Chris is mentally and emotionally ready to step up to the plate and whisk Rihanna off her feet."

On the other hand, Movie News Guide told that it is too early for reconciliation between the ex-couple Rihanna and Chris Brown. Both neither confirmed nor denied any allegations and issues between them.

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