Ford Focus RS500: Hotter Than The Hottest Hatch, May Be Just A Dream For Now

Ford, automaker for one of the hottest performance hatch back currently in the market, have been selling the Ford Focus RS500 in the European market since 2010. Only 500 units were produced and released on April of the same year. The RS500 is basically a Focus RS on steroids.

The 500 is derived from the production limit of only 500, each unit getting an engraved metal plate that reads its unique identification number from 001 to 500. The RS500 produces up to 350hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. It uses the standards Focus RS as the base, with bigger brakes, stiffer suspension and tires with a lot more grip.

The previous models of the RS500 were sold out and were only available in Europe. Like the standard Focus, the RS500 uses the same powertrain, 6-speed manual transmission, all wheel drive, and a 2.3liter four-cylinder turbo engine.

Currently, reports mention that it is highly possible that there will be no new Focus RS500 for 2017, or even 2018, and only have a 30 percent chance of going into production. Rumors say that timing may be an issue here, since the next generation Ford Focus may be announced soon, and two Ford Focus models being released at almost the same time may affect sales.

Another factor that may affect productivity is the no-go clearance to sell in the U.S. market. This is to avoid any competition with the American dream, the Mustang, which is also manufactured and produced by Ford.  In the meantime, consumers can still purchase the Ford Focus RS that also produces 350-horse power with its 2.3liter, EcoBoost engine.

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