Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How To Get All Distorted Time Eggs To See The Secret Ending

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 contain a secret ending called "Unknown History." And the only way players can unlock it is if day collect all Distorted Time Eggs. Here is a complete guide on how to get those eggs.

Distorted Time Egg 1. The first egg will be located at Hercule's house. To get the egg, you need to do all 6 Saiyaman Quests. If the Saiyamen aren't there, you need to talk to them first in Resort District or Kame House.

Distorted Time Egg 2. The second egg will be located at Capsule Corporation. You need to do all four Vegeta fights when he challenges you. It's a tough fight so you need to try hard before you can get the egg.

Distorted Time Egg 3. The third egg is at Guru's House and you need to come when it says the house is under attack. Do ten of Nail's quest which asks you to defend the house ten times. All of which requires you to collect all Dragon Balls while fending off enemies.

Distorted Time Egg 4. The fourth egg is in Majin Buu's House. You need to feed Majin Buu until he has 6 children, at which point he will give the egg. Food can be found in blue orbs in Conton City and are mostly located on hills.

Distorted Time Egg 5. The fifth egg is in Frieza's Spaceship. You need to do all seventeen Frieza quests on the spaceship. Join his ranks and complete quests for his subordinates until Frieza decides to give you quests himself. It can be challenging and grueling, but Frieza will complete your eggs in the end.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Secret Ending

You can bring all five Distorted Time Eggs once complete to Supreme Kai. After talking to Kai, go over to Trunks and talk to him. This will unlock the secret game ending called "Unknown History"

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