Battlefield 1 Guide To Classes; Which One Should You Pick?

Battlefield 1 Guide To Classes; Which One Should You Pick?
There are four classes to Battlefield 1. Which one best suits your skills? Will you be an Assault, Medic, Support or Scount? Photo : Photo by Battlefield/YouTube

Battlefield 1 has four classes: Assault, Support, Medic and Scout. Each has a different function and different strengths and weaknesses, but all are equally important. If you're new to the franchise or to the title, you may find it hard to choose which one would best fit you. Here's a guide to help you with that.

Battlefield 1 Assault Class Guide

Those who choose Battlefield 1 Assault Class are those who are prepared to charge the enemy as they lead the battle on the front lines. As such, they are also the ones who need to be extra careful to be of any use to the team.

To push the enemy back and take out the vehicles, which you are obliged to do, you must have some weapon to do so. Being in Assault in Battlefield 1 would gain you access to submachine guns, thankfully. You can also choose shotguns and pistols, which are not exactly what you would want to use while charging, but they are still useful in some way.

The Battlefield 1 Assault Class also gets you access to unique secondary gadgets and gear. There are anti-tank grenades, anti-tank mines, AT Rocket Gun and Dynamite that you can utilize strategically.

Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide

If there's an Assault, there should be Support. This class is in charge of looking out for those in the front line and those who heals, the Medics. Should you choose this Battlefield 1 class, you should be a team player above all else.

For Battlefield 1 Support Class weapons, you have light machine guns. Per iDigital Times, you actually gain accuracy as you fire, so you can just spray those bullets at the enemy. This will help slow down enemy movements and even assist kills.

As Support, you will also make sure that your teammates have ammo. Thus, you have access to Ammo Crates and Ammo packs. You can also use Mortar, Limpet Charge and the Repair Tool to blast an enemy or to repair your team's vehicles.

Battlefield 1 Medic Class Guide

The Battlefield 1 Medic Class, as you would have guessed, makes sure that the members of the team do not die. However, they also have access to firepower that can deadly to the enemy's Assault Class as long as you stay out of the back and not alongside your own Assault.

Medics can stay far from the front lines with their semi-automatic rifles. The range of these weapons can pick out enemies from afar, great for support the charge of the Assault. Although don't even think about dealing with vehicles. Let the Assault or Support handle them.

To help your teammates - and yourself - you as a Medic can use Medical Crate, Bandage Pouches and Medical Syringe. You can also equip Rifle Grenade, but obviously, it is not for healing your comrades. Don't use it on them.

Battlefield 1 Scout Class Guide

Previously known as recon, the Battlefield 1 Scout Class lives out of the enemy's sight. Their job is to kill their enemies from afar without being spotted. You would also be obliged to spot enemies and relay their location to your allies. If you know how to play it well, then this is for you.

Scouts can use bolt and lever-action rifles that have longer range than the Medic's. They are slower to reload, so you have to make each shot count. You need to have a great aim, if not perfect, to be formidable to the enemy.

For gadgets and gears, the Scout Class gets Flare Gun, K Bullets, Sniper Decoy, Sniper Shield Trench Periscope and Tripwire Bomb. All these can effectively increase the chances of you being the perfect sniper for your team.

If you're a newbie, it may take some time before you learn what is the best class for you. Don't hesitate to switch things up sometimes, though. Battlefield 1 is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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