'Supernatural' Season 12 News And Updates: Jared Padalecki Teases Characters Coming To Return To The Show

Actor Jared Padalecki teases the possible return of some of the characters in "Supernatural" season 12, after one character just resurrected from the dead recently.

Jared Padalecki Teases Return Of Some Characters Who Left "Supernatural" Season 12

As it can be recalled, one of the most surprising and iconic return from the dead scenarios in CW happened in "Supernatural" season 12 when Sam and Dean's mother came back into their lives. Mary was killed within the flames in the past thus no one ever expected for her character to return. However, on the contrary, she came back from the dead in the recent season of the series. This then led the fans to wonder if there is a possibility to have other beloved characters to re-join the cast as well.

In a recent interview with Padalecki, he revealed how there have been plans to bring back some of the characters on the show that left despite being loved by the fans. He asked the audience to stay tune for these events to transpire, and fans have been led to believe it is going to be their father, John Winchester. However, the actor who played their father is currently held up in playing the role of Negan in "The Walking Dead," so Padalecki may be referring to other characters to come back.

Mary Leaves His Sons By Choice; Sam And Dean Embark On New Mystery In Upcoming Episode

Suring the previous episode of "Supernatural" season 12, Mary was featured deciding to let go of the lives that has been led by her sons, hunting demons. Thus, this has given her the opportunity to think things over especially now that she has been given a second life, with her coming back from the dead. Mary then decided to leave his sons for a better life, which leaves Dean devastated as he wants them to be a family again.

The upcoming episode of "Supernatural" season 12 then features Sam and Dean investigating a very religious family who has decided to live off the grid. This will lead them to discovering a huge secret being held back by the parents that could destroy all of them. The upcoming episode of the series will air on Thursday, at 9 PM.

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