'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 64, 65 Spoilers, Recap: Trunks Failed To Seal Zamasu In Mafuba Jar; Launches Attack To Goku On Final Judgment

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 64 starts with Goku Black and Zamasu preparing to fight Vegeta and Goku. Goku informs Zamasu that he is fighting him. But Zamasu puts him in his place by saying he should not command the Gods.

Vegeta And Goku Black Threatens Each Other

Meanwhile, Goku Black and Vegeta threaten each other before they turned their powers on. "I know you have grown so strong. It is anger," says Goku Black to Vegeta. Goku Black said that using one's anger to get stronger is sickening and that he will show Vegeta of his powerlessness.

Goku Starts His Fight With Zamasu

While Vegeta and Goku Black were engaging in their war of words, Goku tells Zamasu that his immortality is leaving him open to attacks. Then future Trunks requests Mai to view the fight. However, she notices that Zamasu is fast approaching.

Bulma got scared of Zamasu's arrival since the time machine is not yet finished. Trunks readies himself to fight Zamasu and Bulma informs Trunks that he could use Mafuba to imprison Zamasu in the jar.

Meanwhile, the hole in the sky made by Goku Black is affecting Goku's capacity to sense the qi of Trunks. Goku Black says that they can't go after Zamasu. Trunks confesses that he doesn't know he can use Mafuba. Bulma played a video recording of Piccolo using Mafuba. However, Trunks is not able to understand the video. Zamasu arrives and to give more time for Trunks to learn how to use Mafuba, Bulma did the unexpected. She started to flirt with Zamasu.

Trunks Was Able To Use The Mafuba But Failed To Seal Zamasu In It

Trunks was able to use the Mafuba and put Zamasu in it. But the jar was not sealed since it was not locked with magic paper. Zamasu was able to escape and was able to fuse with Goku Black. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 64 concludes.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 65 starts with Zamasu and Goku Black ready to unleash their real powers and attack Goku and his comrades. The title of episode 65 is "Final Judgment?! The Supreme God's Ultimate Power." It will be shown on Nov. 6.

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