Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Breaking Apart Because Of Brangelina Issues, Are They Filing Divorce As Well?

With tons of news revolving around Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce, one name is always dragged to it - Jennifer Aniston. The veteran actress was tagged as someone who is actually happy that the two have separated ways. With this, certain issues told that Jennifer and partner Justin Theroux are having bad times and arguments because of Brangelina.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Relationship On The Rocks Because Of Brangelina Divorce Issues

According to Headline & Global News, the Brangelina Issue is the main reason of the alleged Jennifer and Justin split-up. Justin Theroux, who is the real life-partner of Aniston, was sick of the never ending say of Jennifer about her ex, Brad Pitt.

News reported that these Brangeline issues could destroy their relationship. People told Aniston to just focus on his husband rather that giving weight on what his ex, Brad Pitt, is going through right now.

Is This All A PR Game For Jennifer Aniston?

Sources told that Jennifer is adding issues to ignite the fire in the Brangelina divorce, which would eventually benefit her. Justin feels that this is inappropriate behavior.

"It's classic behavior from her! The moment this divorce news was announced it was all about calculating her next public appearance and timing it in a way that would embarrass Brad and Angie,"

"He did not want this cheesy photo-op, but Jen insisted."

"Justin hates this, being dragged around like a pawn in her PR game, basically,"

"It's a huge source of tension between them.

According to Inquisitr, Aniston and Theroux were seen having dinner after the news about Pitt and Jolie separating ways. However, Jennifer, at that exact moment, did not share her thoughts regarding the issue. She chose to kept silent but sources told that Aniston believes that it was his ex's own karma for cheating on her before.

On the other side, there are latest reports about Justin Theroux posting on his Instagram a graffiti showing a girl biting her middle finger with a background wall cursing different issues that the world is facing right now and it includes Brad's name on it.

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