'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Updates: Piper To Survive Near-Death Encounter In Prison?

The upcoming return of "Orange is the New Black" for the upcoming season five has been speculated to happen in so many ways. In an interview with some of the cast members, they teased some points about what to expect for the upcoming season.

Danielle Brooks Reveals War Will Happen In Litchfield Prison When "Orange Is The New Black" Returns

It can be recalled that a tragic death was met during the season four finale of "Orange is the New Black." During an interview with Danielle Brooks, who plays the role of Taystee, she said that there will definitely be war to occur in prison once "Orange is the New Black" returns for season five. After the death of Poussey, her character won't be sitting on the side-line as she watches the entire thing pass her by. She will reportedly avenge the death of a friend, and this war will reportedly cause more casualties than expected. One of the most speculated deaths to happen when the series returns is that of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling).

There have been speculations that Piper will die either in the hands of her ex-lover, Alex or in the hands of Stella who is one of her greatest enemies in prison. Although her death hasn't been confirmed to happen, what is sure is that her character will definitely be having a hard time as the upcoming season five of "Orange is the New Black" premieres. She may be able to survive the war, but it certainly won't be easy to do so.

Dayanara To Face The Consequences Of Her Actions During The Season 4 Finale

Piper won't be the only one bound to have a hard time when the series returns as reports claim that Dayanara (Dasha Poland) will also be facing unfortunate circumstances in the upcoming season. This may be the result of her actions during the season four finale of "Orange is the New Black" wherein she takes a gun and points it at a correctional officer. She may need to be reprimanded for what she has done and her consequences might just be drastic.

There has been no exact date of release yet but "Orange is the New Black" season five is set to premiere sometime during the second quarter of 2017.

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