Celebrating Halloween In Style: Taylor Swift Borrows 'Deadpool' Costume From Ryan Reynolds

Taylor Swift normally celebrates Halloween like she does every other season - encircled by her trustworthy gang of babes and celebrities for a 'gram-worthy photo presumably taken by a photographer she hired.

Taylor Swift Dressed As "Deadpool"

The "Style" singer posted two photos of her squad on Monday, pointing out everyone's spirit in one of her Instagram titles, while also boasting about her sweet costume linkage. Swift went as Deadpool (how and where did she got that) and then magic begins when she borrowed the costume from none other than Ryan Reynolds, who played the Mercenary with a Mouth earlier this year.

"Done!" Swift probably said, with a steely gaze. "I'll pick it up Sunday, Oct. 30. You're the BEST." "Thanks @vancityreynolds for this costume, you're the BEST deadpool inside contact ever," Swift captioned a photo of herself dressed as Deadpool with friend Gigi Hadid.

Deadpool Suit - Popular Halloween Costume For 2016

Swift most likely planted some goodies about borrowing the costume during her epic Fourth of July bash, which Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively attendedWhile the visitors were busy looking at fireworks and Tom Hiddleston's "I <3 TS" tank, we can't imagine Swift talking to Reynolds about in which way she loved his movie. As they giggled and joked, the actor probably tossed in and say "You can borrow my costume any time you'd like!"

And yes, Deadpool was a popular costume this Halloween. Though Swift's attire was as authentic as the real Deadpool suit. She borrowed the red and black jump-suit from Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds himself for the occasion. 

Reynolds wore the costume on last year's Halloween, just a few months before the movie came out. You win again, Swift. Now, here's the actual question: Have you mastered your hero landing?

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