Alcatel's VR-friendly Windows Phone Idol 4S: Release Date, Specs, And Features

By Jiran , Nov 02, 2016 05:22 AM EDT

Alcatel just announced the release of its Windows-based Idol 4S. The new phone will be available through T-Mobile starting on Nov. 10. The new Alcatel smartphone will also be VR-friendly as its predecessor Android-based Idol 4S.

Pricing And Specs

The Windows-based Idol 4S is a budget-friendly phone with decent specs and features. The 5.5-inch smartphone costs $470. Apparently, you will get a free 45-day Hulu Plus trial and a free month of Microsoft Groove music service if you buy one. This is according to Tom's Guide.

The specs for the new Idol 4S are upgraded compared to the previous one. A Snapdragon 820 chip replaced the less powerful Snapdragon 652 processor. It is equipped with 3.5GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The Windows version has a better 21MP rear camera. This is a significant change from the Android-based Idol 4S' 16MP.

Another difference is the new phone's 1920 x 1080 display. This is obviously lower than the other version of Idol 4S with a 2560 x 1440 resolution.

Both versions have the same 8MP front camera, 3,000 mAh battery and bundled with VR headset.

Idol 4S' Features

According to Windows Central, the Windows 10 version of Idol 4S has key features that include a fingerprint sensor, dual speakers with Hi-Fi surround sound and a dedicated camera button. This will be a good news for Lumia owners. Alcatel revealed that the Idol 4S will run on Windows 10 Mobile.

The new version of Idol 4S will also have Windows Hello and Windows Continuum support. Tom's Guide explained that the latter will let you use your phone like it is a desktop. This will also boost the appeal of the phone for mobile workers. Nevertheless, it's still limited unlike the Android or iOS-based devices.

However, those who use Windows-based phones will probably enjoy a VR-friendly Windows device.

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