'Finding Dory' News And Update: Third Movie Possible; Might Focus On 'Finding Hank'?

After the commercial success of "Finding Dory", many reports that another sequel can happen titled "Finding Hank". Producer Lindsey Collins says the third chapter of the movie could happen after some years and it is possible that it could be all about Hank but still with the rest of the "Finding Dory" characters.

In one of the producer's recent interview, Collins mentioned, "You know, I'm kind of worried about Hank. Where is that tentacle? Where is it?' So I don't know. I hope it's always that way. I hope we always come at it from a place where 'There's just something bugging me, and I can't wait until I get this story out."

Collins also mentioned that a "Finding Hank" movie would make sense since director and co-writer Andrew Stanton started the story with Nemo then to Dory "And so you can see how -- years from now -- if Stanton wanted to return to this world, he could write a story filling in a lot of Hanks' background and make room for Dory and the rest of the Finding Dory crew.

In the last scenes of the movie, it can be recalled that all the main characters finally got the resolution they need except for Hank who seems to still have some lingering issues. Collins notes that this could be the angle that Stanton can make the next movie be about.

Collins also shares that Pixar has their own approach in determining whether a movie may or may not have a sequel. She says the company plays it safe by first having a good story or idea before they even consider a sequel. "I think, like everything, if there's a great story, we're all for telling it, but trying to force it... It's too hard when you have something great to begin with, much less when you don't," she explains. This means that a third movie is not at all impossible just as long as a good storyline for the third movie has finally been produced.

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