'Bates Motel' Season 5 Confirmed To Be The Last; Series Casts A Younger Version Of Norma?

Showrunners of the "Bates Motel" series tease their fans to expect the unexpected in their last season that is scheduled to air early next year. Aside from that, Isabelle McNally is also reported to reprise her role in the series as Madeleine Loomis.

According to reports, Madeleine Loomis is the perfect fit to play the younger version of Norma Bates. Their resemblance is undeniable and her existence will definitely bring a lot of twists to Norman Bates' life. This information has not yet been confirmed or denied by the showrunners but they did say that a lot of things will happen in the upcoming last season and it's something that fans will never expect.

One of the speculations circulating online is that the series will finally feature scenes from the movie "Psycho" which is where the series is actually based on. Executive producer Carlton Cuse shares that there will be some sort of deviation from the movie and the series so this is something that its fans should definitely look forward to. In one of the recent interviews with the executive producer, he mentioned "We wanted the final season to allow us to do our [spin] of the 'Psycho' lore. We will be colliding with certain events in the narrative of the film, but it would be boring to just recreate 'Psycho."

There are also reports that the series' finale will center more on Norman Bates, played by Freddie Highmore, and how he copes with the untimely death of his mother. It is expected that Norman will be more unstable that leads him to do certain things just like in the movie where it was based on.

Aside from McNally, Rihanna has also been confirmed to join the series as one of Norman Bates' victim named Marion Crane. The series will premiere in March 2017.

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