Best Of CES 2013: Top 5 Must-See Products

By Jordan Mammo email: , Jan 11, 2013 02:35 PM EST

The 2013 International CES has been home to so many announcements that even if you're attending the show it could feel impossible to keep up. With the event drawing to a close on Friday, we've compiled a list of must-see attractions that show-goers can't let themselves head home without seeing.

1. Panasonic 20-inch Ultra HD Tablet (LVCC Central Hall booth #9806)

This baby takes the cake simply for the fact that as much technology as there is packed inside, it's likely impractical for the majority of people. Still, the behemoth tablet is worth checking out just for the Wow Factor. Featuring a resolution that's otherwise been reserved exclusively for Ultra HD Smart TVs costing over $10,000, this tablet can display more than 16 million colors. It only runs for two hours and its size makes it difficult to imagine carrying around easily, but what's CES without at least one seemingly unnecessary item?

2. Samsung Smart TV F8000 (KN55F9500) (LVCC Central Hall booth #12004)

Speaking of Ultra HDTVs, Samsung's latest is clearly king of the crop (at least until the Apple TV decides to show up). Sure, the resolution is four times better than regular HD displays, but that's not even what makes this TV cool. The menus are navigable through motion gesturing, and the set can understand language, meaning you can talk to it when you want to search for something and it might even say something back.

3 Ubuntu Touch-Screen Phone (LVCC South Hall 3 booth #30659)

Everyone knows about Android and iOS, but CES welcomed a new mobile operating system to the party when Canonical showed off Ubuntu this week. This OS is notable for completely discarding buttons, meaning everything is controlled by touching, sliding, and tapping the phone's screen. The OS features icons in a grid formation much like an iPhone, but sliding the screen in any of the four directions brings up different options for users. Who knows if it'll catch on, but as a customizable alternative to Apple and Google, it's worth keeping an eye on.

4. NVIDIA Project Shield (LVCC South Hall 3 booth #31269/31265)

Interested in a portable gaming device that can run games and graphics usually reserved for home consoles? Want to stream your Steam games onto a mobile device? Project Shield does both of these things, and it was a surprise to boot! The system looks like someone attached an HD screen to their Xbox controller (meaning it's not much of a looker), but it marks the beginning of PC-oriented developers dipping their toes into the console waters.

5. Samsung 22-inch Transparent Showcase/Advertising Display (LVCC Central Hall booth # 12004)

This one's pretty much self-explanatory. Samsung had a bunch of new screens this year (bendable, Ultra HD ones), but this one's neat in that you can see whatever's right behind it while you watch advertisements run across the front panel. You could even hook the screen up to a computer and interact with it. It seems mostly intended for advertising, or laying out product information while the item itself sits in the case, but it's not difficult to imagine some enterprising individuals using them in more creative endeavors like art installations.

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