'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Star Steven Yeun Ready To Take On Bigger Roles; Is He Going To Be 'Batman's' Nightwing?

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 recently aired a heartbreaking pilot episode, taking away the life of two beloved characters - Abraham and Glenn. Now that his character is off the series, actor Steven Yeun, who impressively portrayed Glenn, is now ready to take on bigger roles and challenges. Will he be playing Nightwing in "Batman" movie?

Recently, reports have been circulating online that "The Walking Dead" actor is in talks to play his next major role as the Nightwing in "Batman." It all started back in September when rumors that Steven Yeun might take the said role spread on Twitter.

There were even claims that his upcoming character Nightwing will have its own HBO show. At one point, it was even speculated that Steven Yeun will appear as Nightwing in "Batman vs. Superman" but never really materialized due to his hectic "The Walking Dead" schedule.

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Hopeful fans even went as far as creating photos of Steven Yeun donning the Nightwing costume. And by the looks of it, he may just make the cut in case the producers decided to push through with the plan. However, there were some who doubt that it's a good idea since it would probably go a different direction than the original version in the comics, given that Steven Yeun is of South Korean descent.

To recall, Nightwing is originally the Robin to Batman. He eventually set out on his own and goes by the character Nightwing. His alter ego, Dick Grayson, first met Batman when he was young. He used to be an acrobat who witnessed his parents' murder. Batman then took him in, making him his sidekick. Dick Grayson is also the leader of the Teen Titans.

So far, there has been no confirmation if "The Walking Dead" actor Steven Yeun will really play the role of Nightwing in "Batman" movie. Both the actor and producers have not addressed the said claims so it's best to take everything lightly.

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