More Reasons Why Google Pixel Falls Short

By Cameron , Nov 02, 2016 05:08 PM EDT

With Apple's iPhone 7 winning against Samsung's Galaxy S7 for the world's finest smartphone this year, followed by the release of the Google Pixel smartphone, it was expected that to have a shot in taking the number one spot for the number one title. But it seems that more information about why Google's Pixel smartphone is failing to overthrow Apple's iPhone 7 from its throne is coming to light.

Though the Google Pixel smartphones was a head tuner when it was revealed with all its similarities inspired by the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and its upgraded Google Assistant app, it had a few shortcomings. According to a written article at CIO, the Google Pixel smartphones had great hardware but had poorly designed software that made the fans and critics question if Google's Android engineers don't have a clue about enterprise environments. Here are some new issues about the Google smartphones according to CIO:

Corporate Network

The Google Pixel device is capable of connecting to local Wi-Fi networks, but seems to fail miserably because the smartphone doesn't know how to navigate protected networks. Even though the CIO user tried to enter all the needed information for all the fields like the authentication method, authentication type, domain, username, anonymous identity and password, and set the Google Pixel to use the system certificate, it keeps showing that the authentication has failed.

Microsoft Outlook

At the same article, the user failed to connect to the local Wi-Fi and used another phone as a hotspot instead. Upon having internet connection already, the user found out that the Microsoft Outlook app had no connection and had to be manually set-up by the user. It was reported that the Google Pixel smartphone doesn't know how to connect to Office 365 accounts (only on premises Exchange). The user then had to look for the Office 365 settings from the other smartphone used as a hotspot and manually enter them on the Google Pixel. After that, each app for which the user set-up needs the user's permission for Exchange policies, so the user must set-up both Exchange accounts in each Microsoft app.

Gmail Account

With Gmail being part of Google's creation, no one would ever think that any sort of problem will occur. The user decided to enter two Gmail account: one for personal use and the other for work. The user then added Exchange account credentials, but got an error message instead, saying that the device security setting needed to be updated. The user later found out that the Gmail preinstalled on the Google Pixel has a bug.

Here are some more of the shortcomings of the Google Pixel according to QZ:

Fingerprint Scanner

Though the hardware looks great and feels great on the hand, the positioning of the fingerprint scanner is somewhat bothersome. It makes it hard for users to quickly unlock the smartphone.

No Home Button

With the screen off, the Google Pixel looks like an iPhone 7, because the bezels are about the same thickness on every edge. Now, this makes it harder for users to wake up their phone and just use the power button instead. It may seem not much of a bother to some, but when you want to turn on your smartphone when it's sitting on the table front of you, it gets annoying.

Final thoughts

There are so many great things about the Google Pixel, because it was as if it was inspired by the design of the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7. But when carefully thinking about it, Apple's iPhone 7 is better if you don't mind the restrictions of the device.

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