Destinys' Child Reunion Rumors Sparked When The Legendary Group Joined Instagram

One of the most successful and iconic girl bands in history is rumored to make a comeback. This band doesn't need any introduction as they've made a name for themselves that resonates perfectly over time.

Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce, the three ladies of Destinys' Child is on the spotlight once again. The legendary band has made one hit after another; with their songs on number one in the rankings and albums as well. It's been almost a decade or two since this powerful group graced us with their ungodly and trendy music. Destiny's Child is a multiple Grammy award winner, game changer, and cultural icon that encompasses generations.

How The Ladies Made It To The Headlines

If you are popular, you don't really need to do anything bombastic for you to be noticed in public. Everything you do is considered news - this holds true for Destiny's Child. The group disbanded last 2016 and when they've created their Instagram page, the music world went on rampage. Is the girl group hinting us of a possible comeback?

Legacy Of Destiny

Destinys' Child is considered by many as a national treasure and we won't disagree with that. The band displayed what girl power is all about. Their music is so great even if you replayed their music millions of times, it would still feel the same. They have their own star in hollywood already and that is just one of their many accomplishments. The group sold over $60 million worldwide since their breakup.

They have collected at least a dozen of Grammy Awards and a constant winner in MTV Music awards. Their single "Independent Women" was acknowledged by Guiness World Record as the longest-running number-one song on the Hot 100 by a girl group. Their song is so influential it made it big across U.S. and all around the world.

Independent Women, Are you ready for Destiny's Child? 

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