WikiLeaks Publishes 23rd Batch Of John Podesta Emails

The radical transparency organization WikiLeaks, published the 23rd batch Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman John Podesta, continuing exposing the inner working of the Democratic candidate days before the U.S. presidential election, which has been one of the most controversial in history. The non-profit organization also revealed on Sunday 30 through its Twitter account, that it will start the third phase of the elections coverage this week.

Only Against Clinton

This way, the Julian Assange´s group will keep its mission of revealing every single document regarding this event before November 8. Although the Democratic Party hasn't confirmed the authenticity of John Podesta´s emails, many people have taken it for granted, to the point where many critics that Clinton has received in the last days are information exposed in the files.

However, something that has been questioned to WikiLeaks, is that even when they are revealing significant information to the U.S. voters, it is very suspicious that those are only regarding the Democratic candidate, which feed the claiming of many people who believes that this could be a move to increase Donald Trump´s popularity.

In fact, the U.S. government announced some weeks ago that Julian Assange´s organization was working with Russia in order to interfere with the election, which could be something very difficult to contradict, giving the fact that the group is only exposing one candidate´s documents, which clearly benefits the other one.

WikiLeaks And John Podesta's Emails

According to the International Business Times, WikiLeaks has released over 36,000 from John Podesta´s account so far, and has promised to release a total of more than 50,000 emails before the Election Day. This new batch, in addition to the FBI investigation, could create a whole different outcome in the elections, considering that Trump is closing the distance in the polls.

Although it is not known who is going to be the new president, the elections are expected to be more difficult than ever for Hillary Clinton, thanks to her own mistakes, and John Podesta emails. Is WikiLeaks mission is to reveal the truth, or prevent the Democratic nominee for being president?

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