SpaceX Explosion Reason: Was Elon Musk Responsible?

The SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion happened two months ago, and questions still remain unanswered. SpaceX hopes to wrap up the investigation soon as it hopes to resume flights this November. People still ask for the SpaceX explosion reason, and was Elon Musk responsible for it?

Much of that speculation is hinged on Elon Musk proposing that the rockets be fueled while the astronauts are onboard. This has major safety concerns and have people worried about it. An accident such as what happened last September 1 could be disastrous especially if people are nearby while the rocket is being fueled.

"This is a hazardous operation," said Thomas Stafford, a former astronaut and chairman of the International Space Station Advisory Committee. The committee is said to be apprehensive about this move since it has so many risks involved.

Fueling the rockets were done before anyone is onboard. This has been the experience of those who have been in previous manned NASA missions such as Gemini and Apollo, as the Daily Mail reports. This has been the assessment of Stafford as well, who said that nobody was near the rockets while they are being fueled.

NASA and SpaceX is still having a dialogue on how launches would be handled, according to Fox News. NASA spokesperson Stephanie Schierholz has confirmed this. NASA has also said in a statement that spacecraft to see if they meet technical requirements before they can have crew onboard.

NASA will also review SpaceX's proposal to have rockets fueled while crew is onboard. Along with this review NASA will also add into it the result of the investigation regarding the September 1 explosion.

The manned SpaceX missions are being planned together with NASA. The manned missions are being planned to identify potential hazards that might be encountered during its operation. While that is being done, people continue to wonder about the SpaceX explosion reason, and was Elon Musk responsible for it in some way. That remains to be seen, as the investigation on SpaceX will end soon.

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