Overwatch Update: Sombra Skill Ideas In A Nutshell

Just recently, Blizzard has officially announced the conclusion of the ARG of the new Overwatch hero Sombra. Obviously, this would mean the upcoming release of the character to the game. While this can be expected in the next few days, nothing much about the hero's skills have been known. Well, this is true if speculations are not to be followed.

First and foremost, rumors have pointed out to the aforementioned Overwatch hero being a hacker. This rooted from the various teases and/or Easter Eggs acquired by the community. And yes, all of these point to the character being an expert in hacking (or anything that relates to computer technology and stuff).

Sombra being a hacker in Overwatch is actually quite interesting. One is the fact that no character of such capability has been introduced by Blizzard yet. And sure enough, if there's any truth to this (because really, it won't be official until the studio unveils her), the hero is going to bring a new meta to the gameplay.

According to a Reddit user by the name of Nullbell, one of the possible skills Sombra will have in Overwatch is hacking turrets. If this is the case, players might see her using Torjborn's "babies" to aim at its allies instead of firing at its opponents. But aside from him, the upcoming hero could also hack the likes of Symmetra and Bastion. In fact, as pointed out by the aforesaid fan, she might also have the ability to get into the brains of D.Va and Zenyatta. Simply put, this hero will have a slight advantage over heroes with mechs involved.

It's safe to say that if the above-mentioned Overwatch hero has such capability, it might make her an over-the-top character. And remember, Blizzard has long iterated their views towards overpowered and/or underpowered heroes. That, as much as possible, the studio doesn't want such thing to exist in the game. So, in a sense, Sombra might just be a little lower than what the rumors say about her skills.

As for her life points in Overwatch, she could possibly have around 200. After all, she needs to be squishy or something. And based on the leak artworks and stuff, it's likely for her to hold an Uzi or maybe a barrel gun that is quite similar to McCree's -- only that she won't have that hammer fan ability of course.

What are your thoughts on Sombra in Overwatch? What sort of skills are you imagining for her? Share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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