Uber Redesigns App But Still Lacks Security Feature

With Uber's success in its ride-hailing service, its app had become overcrowded with features. The decision to redesign the app should solve this issue. It has been improved upon and added with exciting new features. However, Uber don't seem to mind about the equally important security features.

Uber is bringing back its initially clean and simple aesthetic. The company explained on its website that the updated app is now faster and smarter.

The Newly Redesigned Uber App

Uber users are now greeted with this simple question "Where to?". Apparently, the new experience that the redesigned app is reimagined around that question. Those who frequently use the app will be able to see "shortcuts". It means that the app will suggest places where you could be headed.

Thus, the rider will only need one tap to get ahead. This is in line with what Uber has promised. If you can't find your destination among those places displayed, you can type in the location.

According to CNET, people can also choose the kind of their ride if it's economy or premium. They will also see the cost of these rides. Aside from providing you the possible cost of their service, you will also be informed of the time arrival to your destination.

Uber has partnered with Yelp, Foursquare, Snapchat and Pandora for the "Uber feed". This feed is a scroll of information and social media features. Riders can check it during their ride.

Features Yet To Be Added

A feature will be available soon that will allow you to connect Uber with your calendar. Once this is enabled, you will automatically see your meetings and appointments as shortcuts. Another exciting feature that is yet to be added in the app is what Uber calls "people are the new places".

Normally, Uber riders set the place where they want to go. Instead, this feature will enable you to set the person whom you are going to meet. You only need to sync your contacts with the Uber app.

The name of the person should be typed into the search bar. Eventually, you will be on your way to meet your friends once they have already shared their location.

The Lack Of Security Features

CNET pointed out that among these improvements on the Uber app, security features seem to be absent. There have already been reports of alleged sexual assaults by Uber drivers. The company has been asked to add more safety features to its app.

Even a simple panic button may be a good step forward. However, Uber said that it is nor adding safety features at this time. Though they mentioned that their rider's safety is a priority.

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