2016 Blizzcon Update: Overwatch Reveal of Sombra; Diablo 3 Reveal of Necromancer Class?

2016 Blizzcon attendees have reasons to be excited this year. There are reports that Blizzard will announce an important reveal for Overwatch and Diablo 3 on November 3 or 4.

Blizzard Reveals 23rd Overwatch Hero - Sombra

Overwatch fans gladly took the Sombra ARG investigation when it first started last September. However, a lot players' patience grew thin when it dragged on for several weeks. Fortunately, the Mexican computer hacker is finally being revealed at this year's Blizzcon event. Her image has been found in the Blizzard page itself although it was taken out a short while later.

The second leak has virtually confirmed the first image leak of her. Both of these photos however, have not been confirmed by Blizzard. The second image did indicate that she is equipped and capable of manipulating giant Robot Omnics to her will.

Blizzard Reveals New Diablo 3 Necromancer Class

After weeks of speculation, it seems that the Diablo reveal will be a new Necromancer Class for the game. It may be coincidence or not that the new Necromancer image was found at the same Blizzard store where the Sombra image first appeared and disappeared afterwards. Fortunately somebody was able to save it and share the Necromancer image online. It has been reported that the new class is playable but its abilities and stats is still unknown as of press time.

A new Diablo 3 playable character is welcome news to many Diablo fans. However, a lot of them were expecting or hoping for a fourth installment reveal. But at least this news will disproved rumors that Diablo 3 is in maintenance mode and players can still enjoy the game for the foreseeable future. For those who are still hoping for a Diablo 4, there might still be hope yet.

Aside from the two game titles, Blizzard is also expected to make some announcement regarding World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and maybe even Starcraft.

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