Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Update: Survive Specialist Mode To Unlock YOLO Mode

The latest futuristic installment to ever join the entire Call Of Duty franchise will be out soon. To rev up the first-person shooting experience, Infinity Ward decides to include another difficulty ring. Specialist Mode is not the last difficult setting as it seems.

Activision Releases Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Specialist Mode Details

Described as "intensely realistic" in the Activision blog, the publisher talks in detail on what to expect with the new Specialist Mode difficulty. First of all, the new feature apparently diminishes the regenerative health mechanic of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Players can only heal themselves using Nano Shots and helmets will be permanently damaged from now on, which would require players to replace it. Lastly, both Nano Shots and helmets now take up equipment slots; remember to stash these items to the inventory before each level.

Tips to survive Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Specialist Mode were also included in the blog, such as mastering the lean from behind cover mechanic for survival. By approaching the edge of cover while in either standing or crouching stance, aim down sights once a chevron appears on the side of the crosshairs, doing so will auto-pop the player from behind cover. Getting shot in the legs will also impact movement speed. Weapons can be shot out of the hands of the player. Also, getting shot in either arm affects the ability to use equipment and aiming.

Introducing YOLO Mode, Hardest Difficulty Setting Of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The player must first beat Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare on any difficulty before getting set to play Specialist Mode. However, finishing Specialist Mode is not the end of the line as YOLO or the You Only Live Once mode is up next. Based on a report by Polygon, The YOLO mode, living up to its name, introduces the permadeath feature. Once the player dies, the game will lose all saves and will revert back to its original form.

Despite the recent leak and criticisms, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will finally be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on Nov. 4. 

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