‘Twilight' Sequel News And Updates: Kristen Stewart Not Willing To Take On Bella Swan's Role?

News about a possible sixth "Twilight" movie has been spreading like wildfire. Reports have it that "Twilight" will be having a sequel and everyone is excited to see who is going to star as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

With the "Twilight" saga's previous success, fans of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart -- who played the lead stars in the hit movie franchise -- are looking forward to another Edward and Bella wedding. As per reports, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group's co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger dropped a hint of a possible sixth installment of the "Twilight" film series.

"It's a possibility, Not a certainty, but it's a possibility. It's about Stephenie [novelist Stephenie Meyer]. If she wants to tell a story related to those characters we're here for her," Wachsberger stated.

However, "Twilight" fans may end up disappointed as Stewart may not be willing to take on Bella Swan's role in the movie reboot. Reports say that the actress may be eyeing more mature roles that are more likely to win her an Oscar nomination. Another reason why the actress may turn down the role is because of her ex-flame, Pattinson.

"People wanted me and Rob to be together so badly that our relationship was made into a product. It wasn't real life anymore. And that was gross to me," Stewart said in an interview with New York Times.

With both lead actors of "Twilight" having their own exclusive relationships, the possibility of the former couple teaming up may be a bit far-fetched. It can be recalled that Stewart recently made headlines when she made a public appearance with her new girlfriend, St. Vincent. As for Pattinson, reports say that his current girlfriend, singer and dancer FKA Twigs, is supportive of the English actor despite initial rumors claiming she was against her partner's reunion with Stewart.

The buzz about the former couple and "Twilight" co-stars are causing heat and tension in the possibility of having a new "Twilight" sequel. Rumors about the "Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev replacing Stewart for the role of Bella Swan have also surfaced, causing a stir among Robsten fans.

Confirmation on the new "Twilight" film is yet to be made before fans can fully celebrate. As of now, followers of the vampire series can just hope that there will be development regarding the possible "Twilight" reboot.

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