‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 News & Spoilers: Episode 4 On Nov. 13 Confirmed For Extended Airtime; Negan Takes Over Alexandria

"The Walking Dead" season 7 premiere on Oct. 23 had surely created a buzz worldwide primarily due to Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) ruthless act of killing and the unexpected deaths of Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). Due to the show's smash hit premiere, episode 4 airing has been announced to be extended.

Episode 4 Confirmed With 25 Minutes More

Spoiler TV has revealed "The Walking Dead" season 7, episode 4 is titled "Service." According to the report, the episode will get an extended airtime with 25 minutes longer. As for the episode synopsis, full description has not been revealed but as per confirmation, "the remaining members of the group try to keep it together in Alexandria; they receive a sobering visit."

"The Walking Dead" Season 7, Episode 4 Spoilers

When this synopsis was disclosed to public, many have asked what "sobering visit" does mean. Spoilers reveal that the cold-blooded Negan will come to Alexandria for a visit. This only means that another tragic event might set off within an hour and 25 minutes of the upcoming episode. As reported, Negan's visit will gather again the crowd that witnessed the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. What will be Negan up to this time?

Negan Takes Over Alexandria

If the comic franchise will follows its roots, then Negan's unlikely appearance at Alexandria is because he wants resources from it. Spoilers said that Negan will loot up people at Alexandria. As the episode title suggests, Alexandria's newly-established leader Rick (Andrew Lincoln) will be forced to submit to Negan and adapt his rules.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan), on the other hand, seems to lay down his last cards by hook or by crook. The pregnant character has been spoiled to set out on a revenge against Negan. As she is up against a monster, will Maggie be able to end Negan's cruelty? What about her unborn baby to Glenn?

"The Walking Dead" season 7, episode 4 airs Sunday, Nov. 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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