Strange News: Man Born With Two Extra Legs Begs Doctors To Remove Them

Uttar Pradesh, India - A 22-year-old man in India was born having two extra legs that are growing from his lower back. Recently, Arun Kumar has used the power of social media in making an appeal for the doctors' help in removing two of his extra legs in the soonest possible so that he could live a normal life.

It was said that one of the limbs growing on his back was found to be underdeveloped and the other is permanently bent at the knee. As reported by Daily Mail, it looks like that the prayers of the young man has finally been answered as a team of specialists at Fortis Hospital have responded to the young man's appeal.

The team is now looking at Arun's condition and was said to begin in organizing a series of tests in order for them to figure out as to how the legs were attached and to see if he can still be treated. Dr. Hermant Sharma, an Orthopedic surgeon who examined Arun's condition, has recently found that the 22-year-old man also has a second pelvis thus, the need to begin with the tests are highly recommended to find out how the extra legs are connected and how they are affecting his body.

In one of his statements, Arun Kumar claimed that he has found a new hope to believe that he may now be able to live a normal life if doctors would be successful in operating him and taking his extra legs off. Additionally, he expressed his excitement as he claims that he might just be able to move and walk properly just like the others. He said that if the doctors would be willing to do a surgery for his condition, he would be ready anytime.

On the other hand, The Mirror reports that although the 22-year-old man could not move his extra legs, Arun can allegedly feel for these legs of him, and carrying them on his back does more damage to him especially to his posture and his ability in walking.

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