'Healthy' Food Not Really That Healthy? Find Out Why

In their September issue, The American Medical Association's Internal publication has recently revealed that a number of America's most widespread beliefs about health and nutrition, such as the consumption of healthy food, might not have a desirable effect.

According to the previous nutritional studies funded by the sugar industry in 1967, results show that the use of sweeteners is actually linked to heart diseases. The study has then marked the sudden turn of events which sees saturated fats as the culprit of the problem. Those highly influenced findings have stuck for five decades.

As reported by Fox News, one of the scientists involved in the said research has even been said to help in developing government-issued guidelines used for nutrition in which most of us has grown up with. Most of these guidelines suggest precautions that one should be aware of, especially with the consumption of the red meat while scarcely mentioning the dangers of sugar, if at all.

Furthermore, New York Post reports that revelations like these have paved the way for the publication of a new book entitled "Big Fat Food Fraud: Confessions of a Health Food Hustler" which has been principally authored by food industry expert, Jeff Scot Philips. It was said that Philips has allegedly been a personal trainer who has founded a health food manufacturing company that is known to prepackage healthy meals.

As of the present time, the food industry expert has now reformed from that industry as he spends his time educating people on how almost everything we know about nutrition including the information from medical experts might actually be not true. Philips claims that much of these types of information are just specially designed not for the purpose of improving our health, but to separate us from our money.

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