PlayStation Pro News Roundup: Latest Updates For November

When news about PlayStation releasing a new console broke out, fans and critics thought it was the PS5. But that idea was quickly debunked when PlayStation said it was only creating a PS4 Pro. Now, the PS4 Pro will be available in the market at November 10.

According to Tech Radar, it was initially rumored that the PS4 Pro will be giving the owners 4k resolutions. However, this was only a clever upscaling technique and "checkboarding" to achieve a result that has been described as being very close to 4k. So how close is it to 4k resolution?

While the PS4 can run HD video footage, it is not able to handle interactive games at that incredibly crisp resolution. Unlike the PS4 Pro, it is said to be able to handle the interactive games at 4k resolution if it is viewed in a 4k television.

Is PS4 Pro Worth Buying?

It depends. If you are a player who cares about game graphics and has extra cash to buy a PS4 Pro and a 4k television, then by all means go buy. But if not, stick with your PS4.

There is no solid information to answer this question. However, there are "claims" for other sources. PlayStation claimed that if you have a PS4 Pro but don't have a 4k television, there will still be a difference in game graphics compared to the PS4.

Even if this were true, gamers are still doubtful with this claim. It has happen in the gaming history where game trailers are so beautiful you can't believe it was possible. But when players get to actually play the game, it was a far cry from what was presented at the game trailer.

Will There Be PS4 Pro-Exclusive Games?

Just like PS3 games can be played at the PS4 console, the same can be said for the PS4 Pro games being playable at the PS4 console. Despite this fact, there seems to be a complication.

According to an article at Time, "PlayStation Pro 4-enhanced games either run at current 'high definition' resolutions with extra details and/or performance improvements, or they're running at much higher resolutions - up to3840 x 2160 pixels, the 4k 'ultra-high definition' standard. High dynamic range or HDR can also play a role, though it is not exclusive to the PS4 Pro, as Sony's patched classic PlayStation 4s support it, too."

So basically, PS4 Pro enhanced games are playable at the PS4 but will have some issues with the HDR. Gamers also know that when a game console doesn't reach a game's standard, it causes the game to crash down or something. Well, that holds true for some gaming devices such as PCs and mobile phones. However, if the PS4 is as powerful as it is said to be, then maybe perhaps there will be no problems.

To know more about the enhanced games for PlayStation Pro launch games, check it out at EU.PlayStation. There is a full list there of the games that will be presented at the upcoming PlayStation Pro launch event this November 10.

The Verdict

Aside from the money issue, it is best to wait first for the review about the 4k resolution experience offered by the PS4 Pro. Plus, the general public must also conduct its own test if playing a PlayStation 4 without a 4k television makes any difference.

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