4.5 Million Mafia III Copies Reportedly Shipped, Does This Mean The Game Is Worth Buying?

Mafia III seems to be selling like hotcakes as it is now reported to have shipped 4.5 million units since its debut. The game is now officially deemed as 2K's fastest-selling game as numbers come in from its first week of selling.

But the third installment for Mafia, an action-adventure open world game, didn't have an all-good reception when it rolled out. A report about it being labeled as 'not a sure hit' by critics is also being posted. To recap, some reviews were already rolled out on day one. Mafia III is praised for its spectacular narrative and awesome scenery but then when you wake up from the hypnotizing beauty of the game, you realize that gameplay is repetitive. Scores also fall into mediocre range as no one has rated it a 9 at least.

It is important to note that the 4.5 million units mentioned only counts games bought by retailers, not by end-users. So at this point it is uncertain how many units did land on players' gaming units and how many are still sitting on shelves and stock rooms.

Regardless, the impressive sales remain impressive. Especially after the rants going on Steam about the Mafia III's PC port being locked at 30fps. 2K however mended this issue by promising to unlock the fps setting on upcoming patches.

People who have not purchased the game at this point would still wonder if they'd get the game fresh right now, or play the waiting game until Mafia III becomes available for ten bucks at some online store. A third option would be for console players to wait for someone to sell their disc for cheap. If you are all-in for the story, then by all means go get a copy right now, else, you can choose to wait.

Since lots of copies are now stacked up on retailer stores, you can now get Mafia III on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There is also a PS4 Pro bundle of this game set to roll out Nov. 10. To lighten up some of your day, here's an Angry Review of the game:

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