Intel Acquires Voke: VR Live Sports Won’t Be The Same Again

VR or virtual reality is the new in thing for computers and technology. Excitement over it began building up two to three years ago, and now many VR headsets are out in the market. Many are trying to cash in on it, which would include Intel. Intel acquires Voke, and with it VR live sports won't be the same again.

Voke has been created in 2004. This was made by the husband and wife team of Sankar and Uma Jayaram. Voke is based in Santa Clara, California. Now Intel has acquired the company in hopes of expanding on the growing virtual reality and entertainment segment.

Intel has created a new unit which would focus on sports by using VR. This new unit is said to be using freeD technology. This technology has been acquired by Intel last March when it bought Replay Technology.

Voke has the technology to bring live events into VR systems, according to Fortune. Sankar Jayaram has the experience for it, having created a VR lab at Washington State University in the 1990s. With this experience acquired by Intel, it hopes to bring live sports entertainment into VR, something that would revolutionize both the VR industry and the sports entertainment industry

VR has so much potential. People see it not only for games, but can go into a much wider use, especially for entertainment. The system that Voke has could work with other VR headsets such as Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift. The Voke technology has already been used, as recently as the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four, as the International Business Times reports.

"We plan to completely change the way fans engage with and experience live events," said Jayaram. James Carwana, who is general manager of the new sports division made by Intel, said that Voke's technology has already been noticed by broadcasters, leagues and teams. This would be groundbreaking as it will make sporting events into an experience that would be more intimate than it is now.

As Intel acquires Voke, VR live sports won't be the same again. It would be a new experience for many sports fans. In an earlier report, it is found that frequent Facebook use might help prolong life.

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