Twitter Goes Political On Inauguration Day

Americans took to their tablets, laptops, smartphones and other devices to discuss on Twitter the second inauguration of 44th President of the United States Barack Obama on Monday. While all political parties had much to say on the person the United States selected as its leader, the most interesting Twitter commentary came from the extreme sides of the spectrum; those that praised Obama, and those that painted the picture of a villain.

@JJsassypants tweeted this descriptive vision of impending doom, "Sadness, depression, doom, darkness today, feel the evil from D.C. Had prayed it would be Mitt, what a loss this country got. Very sad."

A little less dark and straight to the point, @sherry samples tweeted in, "ALL I CAN SAY IS OBAMA IS A FREAKING LIAR AND A CHEAT!" She hash tagged "my opinion" just in case her statement was false.

Others took to sarcasm as @WowCodyHarris wrote, "Hate I missed Obama's inauguration... NOTTTTT!!!"

On the other end, many of those in favor of the President alluded to the ceremony's taking place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

User Prez Jay tweeted, "Obama's being inaugurated, it's Martin Luther King Day and Beyonce's singing the anthem. Black folk are having the best Monday EVER."

Another Twitter user, @JuddNikki, humanized Obama, and then used him as an example, "Michelle saw this in him before anyone else. Remember that when you treat your women like an after thought. She was his first vote."

Even celebrities discussed the significance of the day. Actress Marlee Matlin wrote, "It's Martin Luther King Day, the 150th anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation & @BarackObama takes oath using MLK's bible. Historic!"

Many other celebrities tweeted live from the event, giving those not fortunate enough to attend the bit by bit low-down.

In fact, so many people were dying to share their opinions that Twitter went into overload mode by mid-morning, receiving 1.1 million tweets. Twitter support was forced to tweet the following to a frustrated, politically-charged social community:

"Some users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Engineers are working to solve this problem."

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