Huawei Fit vs FitBit Charge 2 vs Samsung Gear Fit 2: Battle Of The Fitness Wearables

Huawei made a couple of major announcements on Thursday - the unveiling of the Mate 9 and the Fit. While the former has garnered lots of attention, the fitness tracker was met with mixed reactions.

To get a better grasp of what the Huawei brings to the table, we compare Fit with other fitness trackers - the FitBit Charge 2 and Samsung's Gear Fit 2.


When it comes to looks, the Huawei Fit stands out. It has a round display that makes it look more like a watch than a fitness tech. The Gear Fit 2 has a bulky display which is not really necessary on a fitness tracker.

Battery Life

A fully-charged Fit will last six days, or so the company claims. If this will ring true then the Fit is the clear winner. The FitBit Charge 2 lasts up to five days while the Gear Fit 2's battery life is the least impressive because of its full-color OLED display.


All three fitness trackers fulfill the tasks they were made for. They monitor the pulse and heart rate and track calories, fat burning, distance and sleep, among others. They also notify the wearer if he or she has been idle for at least half an hour. The three offer different training modes for runners.


The fit will sell for $129 while the most expensive of the three, the Gear Fit 2, goes for $180. The Charge 2 is worth $149. The Fit's minimalist design may look good for some but may feel cheap to others especially those who like things flashy. Personal preference aside, the Fit wins the price war.

With regards to the factors listed above, the Huawei Fit gave a good account of itself. Aside from the features mentioned, the lightweight and waterproof Fit has a silicone band that comes in three colors - black, blue and orange. There are no knobs or buttons except for a reset button on the underside while the 11.2mm silver-colored aluminium case makes it thinner than the average smartwatch.

The Fit employs a 1.04-inch touchscreen with 208 x 208 pixel resolution with black and white display. An ambient light sensor activates the backlight. One criticism about the Fit is that it can be hard to read what's on the display. Its brightness can't be adjusted and the display is prone to smudges especially fingerprints.

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