Apple To Release Foldable Curved Display iPhones In The Future

Since the iPIhone 7 was released, speculations rounding up about what could apple offer in the future. Yesterday it has come up that the firm has been awarded a new patent for a foldable iPhone concept.

Apple first began researching this technology in 2013, but the new patent suggests the firm is still serious about making foldable or bendable phones a reality in the future.

Apple has managed to get the patent for the bendable and foldable mobile screen technology that the Cupertino giant has been exploring since 2013. Apple has been granted a patent for a foldable and/or bendable iPhone made from advanced carbon nanotube structures.

Apple notes in their granted patent that one of the materials that could be used in this foldable/bendable iPhone form factor is ceramic. The first time that Apple considered this material for a future iPhone was discovered and published in our September 2016 patent report titled "Revealing Apple Patent Covers Ceramic Apple Watch and All-New Ceramic iPhone," according to Patently Apple.

Apple's biggest rival, Samsung might also consider looking at bendable phone technology but has no date as to when it will be available in the market.

Apple is rarely first on the scene with ground-breaking new design technology, but a foldable device that combines a large screen phone and mid-size tablet into one will represent the biggest change in how modern smartphones look that we've seen in several years. The future negotiations which are hinted at in this report may decide, quite literally, the shape of things to come stated from Digital Trends.

The next generation of iPhone that could be fold and bend sounds pretty fun, However, Apple has no official statement yet as to when but surely everyone will be looking forward to seeing a folding iPhone in the future. Stay tuned for more updates.

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