Fast And Furious 8 News Update: Scott Eastwood Is Connected To Paul Walker, Here's How

With Paul Walker's disappearance in the movie Fast and Furious 8, creators knew there was a huge void to fill. Hence, Charlize Theron and Scott Easwood were added to the movie. But fans are asking, why Scott Eastwood?

According to Movie News Guide, F. Gary Gray, the hit director of Straight Outta Compton,The Italian Job, and Fast and Furious; has his reasons why he would put new characters in a strongly independent movie. Certain speculations substantiate why Scott Eastwooed easily fits the picture.

Paul Walker And Scott Eastwood Are Strongly Connected With Each Other

Some speculated that the real reason why Scott Eastwood joined the bandwagon is that he can fill the gap Paul Walker has left. For one, Scott greatly resembles Paul's features. News told that the creator of the hit movie is plotting a brotherly story for the eight sequel of Fast and Furious.

He came from Kurt Russel's bloodline who is known for his fighting tactics. With Scott being added in the movie, he could be biologically linked to Brian O' Connor who is returning to fill in his brother's shoes.

Scott Eastwood Remembered Paul Walker As He Was Doing The Movie

Scott Eastwood has already confirmed in his social media account that he will be a part of the hit flick. With this, he remembered Paul Walker and his brilliance in portraying the role. The upcoming installment of 'Fast and Furious' is set to be released on April 14, 2017, according to some sources. It would be directed by F. Gary Gray who admitted that the upcoming sequel would give an unusual storyline. Casts include Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson as well as the new villain played by Charlize Theron.

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