UFO Theories: Government Confirmed To Conceal Alien Information?

If a small group of committed individuals decide to cover something up, if they have the support of the government behind them, anything is possible. The UFO phenomenon is a good example of this.

Malcolm Robinson, a conspiracy theorist, has recently revealed that the Ministry of Defence doesn't tell the people more than half of what they say about the UFOs. Robinson, the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations which carries out 'UFO & Paranormal research.

The New Indian Express has recently revealed how the people are divided. On one side, we have government agencies and agents who are believed to be responsible in covering the information about the phenomenon, and on the other, there is a small group of committed men who have been dedicating their lives in exposing the truth since 1940s. John G. Fuller, the late crusading journalist was made an example as he refused to believe the government lies about UFOs and has rather opted to report the actual incidents as seen by ordinary people.

Reports reveal that during the mid-1960s, Fuller has authored a number of UFO books and influential articles for the mainstream national press, most notably Look and Saturday Review.

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mail, the Ministry of Defence had once operated a UFO desk for 30 years until it closed in 2009. Eight years after the desk has closed, Robinson was found to have been calling out the government's attention asking them to begin an inquiry about the number of sightings. It has been known that the findings gathered during the last two years of its operation are publicly made available on the National Archives website.

Furthermore, some experts claim that technologically speaking we have indeed come a long way. We can handle some grown up talk about science, space and aliens. Thus, it is time for the government to come clean and tell us everything they know about UFOs, aliens and alien abductions.

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