Buying A New Car: Test Drive It First

Buying A New Car: Test Drive It First
Buying a new car can be a burden if you do not know the proper steps. Test-drive the car before purchasing to avoid regrets. Photo : Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

We are almost at the end of the year and car dealerships are coming up with promos to clear their storage and to give way to newer models. New car owners who are not familiar with the process of buying a new car mostly end up with regrets after some time. Aside from your budget or how good the promo is, one necessity that new car buyers should do is to get the feel of the car. You can do that by simply test-driving the car.

Take Your Time

No matter how long you have been driving, different cars will still feel different in a way. Do some research first and come up with a list of the available cars that you are looking to buy. Your new car might be your daily driver so take as much time as you need to learn about the car.

Know Your Rights

Once you are familiar with the specs of the car, arrange an appointment with your local car dealer for a test drive. It is every car buyers right to be able to test-drive the car before deciding to purchase. If the dealership or seller declines, then you may want to think twice or simply just walk away and look for a different dealer.

Consider Traffic And Location.

Ask your dealer about the details of the route and ask for at least an hour with the car. Although it may be too long, you are not going to spend the whole hour driving the car. You need to be as familiar with the as you can be before you drive it out of the dealership, and you simply cannot rush that.

Ask the dealer if they have a designated driving range or track to use or if you can drive the car around town, which is more advisable as that scenario gives you real world test results. Consider the time of day you will be driving if on the city. You do not want to be stuck in rush hour traffic during your allotted time. You are test the cars drivability, and not how well the car seats in idle.


Do you feel well bolstered to the seats? Many new car owners are missing out on this part and are too focused on how well the car drives or maneuvers. A car, no matter how good the specs are, still relies on the driver to optimize performance. The seats should give you the comfort to be able to withstand long drives and not give you back pain after just a 30-minute drive. Check the seat adjustments and make sure that your foot reaches the pedals comfortably. You should not feel stress in your shoulders when reaching for the steering or for the infotainment.

Gauge Your Dealer

Your dealer should be someone who is knowledgeable about cars, not just a pretty chick or the guy with a perfect smile whose only goal is to close a sale. Ask them questions about the car and how it compares to other models, either from the same manufacturer or from a competitor. How they act or answer will show if they are truly qualified to assist you. You do not want to buy from someone who only sees you as a means of getting that commission, but someone who cares for your well being as well.

Bring A Friend

If you are not knowledgeable about cars, tag along someone who is. Bring that friend during the test drive as he can either attest to the information your dealer is providing and give you his personal insight.

Consider what the car will be to you, if you will be using it as a daily or if you will be using it to for the tracks. Either way, research is still the key to a successful purchase.

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