Hype Video Streaming App Was Launched By Vine Creators

Hype is a new vide applications from the co-founder of the Vines app. It is a live-streaming video app on iOS with wide-ranging creative freedom. Every user of the application can layer a live video with multimedia, including photos, videos, GIFs, music, text and emojis. Anything can be moved around the screen, edited and added or deleted during the live broadcast.

Vine is dead. Just a few days ago, Twitter's Vine announced its official closing and it's not coming back. But the co-founders of Vine, Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov, comes up with a new idea and made a new video streaming application. Well, it's not exactly new considering it's mainly about live streaming features, but there are some unique specs.

According to Tech Crunch, Hype is the new kid on the live streaming block, which has a few tricks up its sleeve to try to stand out in a very noisy space. Its flagship feature is the ability to share a variety of multimedia content into the live broadcast — so, for example, a streamer using Hype can include cameras or videos from their device’s camera roll, blending their live content with stuff they made earlier.

The Hype app offers no tutorial, forcing you to learn just by exploring around. If you're feeling lost, here are some tips on creating your own video broadcast from CNET.

Change the background

To change the background f your video, long-press your finger on the background. That brings up a menu of preset animated backgrounds, or you can choose your own from the camera roll of your handset.

Change the live-video window

The default live-video window is a circle. If you want to change is, click the circle then click the shapes icon on the bottom to see different cutouts. Resize or rotate by pinching with two fingers. The square window lets you pinch and pull the corners to create a custom proportion, such as a thin, long rectangle that shows only your eyes or mouth. The ghost icon mutes your microphone and makes your video invisible to the audience. The double arrows are a quick way to make an object larger to full-screen.

Adding multimedia

Click the plus icon to add photos and videos from the camera roll of your handset. You can also add mp3 music as well as text or letters and emojis.

When adding photos from your camera roll, selecting multiple photos will create a slideshow.

When adding music, the album art appears as a photo by default. The art can be hidden by tapping the eyeball icon, and the music can also be turned on and off by tapping the volume icon.

You can also hunt for animated GIFs and Vine videos by tapping the search icon.

As for now, you might want to search and download the Hype application. Explore the features and starting capturing to make a creative live streaming videos.


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