US Hackers Ready To Retaliate On Possible Russia Cyber Mischief During The Election

It's already less than a week before another historic US election. No matter whom Americans vote for, the security and credibility of the election should be ensured. US military hackers are prepared to retaliate amidst the threats of possible cyber mischief by Russia and other countries.

US Military Hackers Are Ready To Retaliate

NBC News was able to review top secret documents regarding the said action that US hackers could take. A senior intelligence official also revealed that Russia's electric grid, telecommunications network and the Kremlin's command systems have been penetrated by the US military hackers.

Apparently, secret American cyber weapons will attack these if the US deem it necessary. This might have been to address concerns over Russia's plan to disrupt the upcoming election. US intelligence officials are anticipating a cyber mischief that will include possible release of fake documents.

There might also be a proliferation of bogus social media accounts to spread misinformation. NBC further reports that a Russian hacker called "Guccifer 2.0" has tweeted a threat. The US is warned to monitor the elections "from the inside system".

The Reason Behind Russia's Possible Cyber Mischief

According to The Washington Post, US official said that the intelligence agencies do not see Russia as capable of using cyber espionage to alter the presidential election's outcome. However, they admitted that Moscow may continue to meddle after the voting has ended. This is to make the result look less credible.

Russia will be adding more fire to an already heated political race. If the country is successful, it may put further divisions on what already exist. President Vladimir Putin has denied allegations of Russian hacks to the US.

Though cybersecurity experts and intelligence agencies shared that the Russia seems to intentionally not cover their tracks.

The Reluctance To Retaliate

The Washington Post further reports that The White House has been weighing countermeasures for months. However, the government was reluctant to retaliate. Such early action may inflict even more direct damage.

Some have expressed that the Russian threat would be diminished when the Election Day ends. They also took into consideration the effect it may have to the next US president.

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